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Installing Python

csvcubed requires python to function. It has been tested with versions:

  • 3.9
  • 3.10
  • 3.11

If you do not have a favoured way of managing your python environment or packages, we recommend using miniconda. You should not use your system installation of python especially on MacOS or Linux as this may impact other system-critical functions.

miniconda installation

To install miniconda, go to this link.

Once you have installed miniconda, you will need to configure an environment specifically for csvcubed:

# create a new environment using python 3.11
conda create -n csvcubed python='3.11' -y

If you are using miniconda, you must be inside your csvcubed environment before running any commands:

# enter the csvcubed python 3.11 environment
conda activate csvcubed 

Manual installation (advanced)

Download and install your chosen version of python.