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Quick start

To help you get up and running as quickly as possible with csvcubed, the quick start pathway exists to show you how to design, build and check the contents of a CSV-W cube without getting overwhelmed with the intricacies of linked data.

The suggested order for to navigate through the quick start pathway is as follows:

  1. Installation of csvcubed - install python with csvcubed.
  2. Designing a CSV - learn how to structure your data for csvcubed.
  3. Building a CSV-W - build a CSV-W cube from a well structured CSV.
  4. Describing your CSV - add metadata to your CSV-W describing your dataset.
  5. Building 5* Linked Data - use existing definitions to integrate into the linked data cloud.
  6. Inspecting a CSV-W - inspect the contents of a CSV-W to display and validate its metadata.

Take the first step and install csvcubed.