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build command

The build command is used to construct a new cube from its source file(s).

The source files must include a tidy-data.csv and optionally a cube-config.json. Refer to the qube-config guide for an overview of how to construct these files.

Syntax: csvcubed build [OPTIONS] TIDY_CSV_PATH


Argument Description
TIDY_CSV_PATH The file path to the cube data file, formatted as tidy data CSV


Option Description
--help / -h Show the command help text.
--config / -c The file path for the cube configuration json file.
--out / -o The output directory path where the build output is written. The default is './out'
--ignore-validation-errors Set this option to continue building the cube when errors are found.
--validation-errors-to-file Save validation errors to validation-errors.json in the output directory.
--log-level Set the desired logging level to one of 'crit', 'err', 'warn', 'info' and 'debug'.
The default is 'warn'


--config / -c

To create a cube using a qube-config.json file, use the -c option, e.g.

csvcubed build my-data-file.csv -c my-qube-config.json

Saving Validation Errors


Setting this flag will result in any validation errors being written to the validation-errors.json file in the output directory. If no errors are encountered then the file is not written.

Log Level and Log File Location

Please refer to the Logging section for information on how to configure the log-level and the location of log files.

Output Directory

--out / -o

When the cube is built the default output path is ./out. This may be changed by setting output option to an alternative path.

Build Command Errors

When errors are encountered, please refer to the errors guide for help on understanding and resolving them.


Building a cube without configuration

Building a cube without providing a qube-config.json configuration file relies upon the configuration by convention approach.

To build a cube using only a CSV data file. For guidance on the correct data structure refer to the Shaping your data guide, the 'standard approach' is recommended as a good starting point.

csvcubed build ./source/cube_data.csv

Build Complete

Indicates that a cube was created and was written to the output directory (default: ./out).

Building a cube from data and configuration file

This is referred to as the explicit configuration approach.

The cube config json file must adhere to the structures defined in the cube config schema.

For help on constructing the config json refer to the quick start guides on designing a CSV and linking data or the more detailed Configuration Guide

To build a cube using both configuration and data files the command is shown below.

csvcubed build --config=./source/cube_config.json ./source/cube_data.csv

Build Complete

Indicates that a cube was created and written to the default output directory (default: ./out).