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This page describes how the logging works for the build and inspect commands.



Allows you to set the level of messages that are logged with debug being the most verbose and err the least. The default level is warn, at this level you will see messages with a level of warn, err and crit.

If errors occur then setting the log level to info or debug will yield additional messages and details to help diagnose the issue.

csvcubed build --log-level debug my-data.csv

Log output

Processing and validation messages are written to both console and a log file during processing of the cube build command. The verbosity of the logging is governed by the --log-level option. The log messages can be used to help identify and resolve issues that are experienced when building your cube.

The log path is dependant upon the operating system in-use, the following are typical paths, these may also be influenced by your system configuration.

Operating System Typical Log Path
Windows %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\csvcubed-cli\csvcubed\Logs\out.log (not roaming)
%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Local\csvcubed-cli\csvcubed\Logs\out.log (Roaming)
Linux ~/.local/state/csvcubed-cli/csvcubed\log\out.log
MacOS /root/.local/state/csvcubed-cli/log/out.log

Log retention

A new log file is created daily, with backups being saved for 7 days in the same location. The older logs are overwritten in a cyclic manner with the oldest being replaced first.