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code-list build command

The code-list build command is used to construct a new code list from a JSON configuration file without the need of a tidy-data.csv file

The only source file necessary is a JSON configuration file. Refer to the code-list-config guide for an overview of how to construct these files.

Syntax: csvcubed code-list build [OPTIONS] CODE-LIST-CONFIG-JSON-FILE


Argument Description
CODE-LIST-CONFIG-JSON-FILE The file path to the code list config JSON


Option Description
--help / -h Show the command help text.
--out / -o The output directory path where the build output is written. The default is './out'
--ignore-validation-errors Set this option to continue building the code list when errors are found.
--validation-errors-to-file Save validation errors to validation-errors.json in the output directory.
--log-level Set the desired logging level to one of 'crit', 'err', 'warn', 'info' and 'debug'.
The default is 'warn'

Saving Validation Errors


Setting this flag will result in any validation errors being written to the validation-errors.json file in the output directory. If no errors are encountered then the file is not written.

Log Level and Log File Location

Please refer to the Logging section for information on how to configure the log-level and the location of log files.

Output Directory

--out / -o

When the code list is built the default output path is ./out. This may be changed by setting output option to an alternative path.


Building a code-list

To build a code list you must only provide a code-list config JSON file.

The code list config JSON file must adhere to the structures defined in the code list config schema.

For help on constructing the code-list config JSON refer to the code-list-config guide

To build a code list, the command is shown below.

csvcubed code-list build /source/code_list_config.json